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December 10, 2019

I am thrilled to share my latest novel, To Crown A King, with you. Set in medieval Scotland, it is my first work of historical fiction. I hope you enjoy the story!


Scotland, 1295. The kingdom is on the verge of rebellion. John Balliol wears the crown but even his powerful Comyn kin cannot break King Edward of England’s insatiable desire to conquer the northern realm.


For Christina Bruce, neither man is worthy of being called King of Scots. Born into the influential Bruce family, the only noble house to rival the Comyns, she is expected to obey her father and side with England. But when a chance meeting with an outlaw named William Wallace brings her into the conflict, she risks everything to get what she wants most – freedom.


From award-winning author Raedene Jeannette Melin, To Crown A King is the empowering tale of Christina Bruce and her struggle between family loyalty and Scottish freedom. Discover her untold story and follow along as she takes her destined place in history.

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“Lush natural descriptions - from ominous cliffs to dangerous electric eels in shallow pools - effectively set the dramatic mood. An intriguing, action-packed tale...”

Kirkus Reviews

“What started as a bedtime read soon became my daytime book as I found myself swept away with the action-packed storyline. From the very first words "Las Hermanas" hooked me with its energized tale of a young girl thrown into a very grown-up world as she fights for her family, friends, and freedom. I thoroughly enjoyed this read; a great first book from a new author!”

Goodreads reviewer

“This powerfully written, nailbiting, suspense driven book... blew my mind as a first novel... Adi grabs you and drags you into the Amazon jungle, making you feel the gunshot wounds and heart breaks along with her! I highly recommend this book.”

Amazon reviewer

To Crown A King Book Signing
Nov 23, 2019, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Bookingham Palace Bookstore,
1151 10 Ave SW #225, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 1T2, Canada