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About Raedene Jeannette Melin

Raedene Jeannette Melin is an award-winning fiction writer and author of the new novel To Crown A King. Born in British Columbia, Canada, she holds a BA in History and a Master’s in Integrated Studies. Her debut novel, Las Hermanas, published in 2018, won the National Indie Excellence Award for adventure fiction and placed as a finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Infatuated with historic places and sweeping mountain views, Raedene can be found in old and remote locations, exploring the world on her own two feet.

Books by RJM

The Countess of Buchan

November 17, 2020

Torn from her home and forced to marry a vicious lord. Can a young lady outmaneuver a ruthless English king?

Scotland, 1303. Isabella MacDuff is sixteen years old and the sister of the revered mormaer of Fife. Her family has the power to crown kings. But when King Edward of England invades, she loses it all.

Her mother is dead. Her brother is taken hostage. And she is forced to marry a cruel nobleman from the north. Trapped in an inhospitable land, she's vulnerable and alone. Help is not coming. No one will save her.

Will she break beneath the brutality of men? Or will she rise and find her way to freedom?

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To Crown A King

December 10, 2019

Scotland, 1295. The kingdom is on the verge of rebellion. John Balliol wears the crown, but even his powerful Comyn kin cannot break King Edward of England’s insatiable desire to conquer the northern realm.


For Christina Bruce, neither man is worthy of being called King of Scots. Born into the influential Bruce family, the only noble house to rival the Comyns, she is expected to obey her father and side with England. But when a chance meeting with an outlaw named William Wallace brings her into the conflict, she risks everything to get what she wants most – freedom.

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Las Hermanas

February 16, 2018

Machine guns rattle ominously outside, and eleven-year-old Adelita Alvarez must run from everything she knows into the South American jungle. Her family murdered and her people pushed from their land, Adi finds herself targeted by a vicious man who seems determined to kill her. As she survives the dangers of jungle and city, her skill and confidence grow, empowering her to face her fears and the peril she encounters. When she happens on a motley group of orphaned and discarded street kids, she knows she must do what she can to protect them. Together, they flee back into the jungle, pursued by men who will stop at nothing. Haunted by her family’s past, she discovers that if she ever wants to be truly free, she’ll have to fight for it.

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